The music production and songwriting company ECHOPILOT was founded in 2007 following a collaborative project between Florian Cojocaru and Martin Kromar. having both collected a broad range of experience from different corners of the music world, one field united them: pop music. with pop at the heart of ECHOPILOT’s musical vision, their portfolio reflects a wide range of styles spanning from experimental art movie sound design all the way through to German „Schlager“.

this stylistic variety never compromises their love for and dedication to handcrafted music. Music that is strongly song-based, with a firm focus on vocals, and always maintains a certain honesty and credibilty.

in 2009 they set up a spacious studio in the heart of vienna, which has been their creative base ever since. An inspiring place that has already seen the creation of some highly acclaimed and successful music, including three number one albums – one of them awarded platinum, another awarded gold – one number one single, and several airplay hits.

here are some of the artists ECHOPILOT have worked with:

Virginia Ernst, Tagträumer, Sondercombo, Violetta Parisini, Conchita Wurst, Manuel Normal, Trackshittaz, Rainhard Fendrich, Cornelia Mooswalder, EAV, Shary Osman, Elija, Tim Toupet, Nik P, Strange Days, Nadine Beiler, Tamee Harrrison, Vera Böhnisch, Heat


… and here is some stuff about the guys these artists worked with:

Florian Cojocaru
* 1980

studied violin / switched to pop music / plays almost any instrument that does not need to have air blown into it (skills differ heavily) / hates music / is a jury member of the austrian music fund / hopes that there are too many songs to be written / is „the seeker“

Martin Kromar

studied guitar / intensively studied guitar / & studied guitar / became producer / is scared of mixing. every time. noone understands / loves concepts / loves quantization / loves the world / is a computer medium / is „the finder“